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Executive Management Team
APCISG is committed to honest, ethical, and moral business practices.
"As the market leader for Vehicle Service Contract Re-Marketing, APC offered us the best combination of customer service and program benefits".

- Bill Schicker, CEO
Schicker Automotive Group

Ken Murer

Mr. Murer brings 20 years of experience in the automotive industry specifically in the sale and marketing of products directly to consumers. In 1995, Mr. Murer founded the Service Contract Follow-Up Program concept which ultimately lead to founding Automotive Product Consultants, Inc. (APC) in July, 2000, which became a subsidiary of APC ISG.

Prior to the founding of APC, Mr. Murer was the President of an Internet/Classified advertisement “Private-Party” finance start-up company called C.A.R.E., LLC which was built on the premise of providing auto loan financing and aftermarket product sales like Service Contracts in consumer-to-consumer automobile transactions. Mr. Murer worked for Pat Ryan and Associates (At that time a subsidiary of AON Corporation; now a subsidiary of The Warranty Group.) from 1987 through 1995. As an appointed consultant, Pat Ryan & Associates placed Mr. Murer in 17 different “dealership assignments” in various states during a one-year training campaign where he learned the real-world approach to selling and financing vehicles, crossing many state lines, while transgressing from domestic through high-line import franchises. This real world experience provided Mr. Murer with his knowledge of the inner-workings of a modern dealership. Mr. Murer was provided “advanced” guided-discovery training by AON, and this lead to many years of hands on development & management of dealership personnel and profitability. His final position prior to his resignation was National Acquisition Manager, responsible for large national dealership clientele. Mr. Murer holds a BA in Business Administration from Westminster College, with minors in both accounting and computer programming.

David Diem

Mr. Diem brings more than 30 years executive management experience, including over 20 years in the automobile and related insurance industries. Mr. Diem’s leadership has produced a proven track record of revenue and profit growth through expansion and diversification utilizing core as well as mergers and acquisition initiatives.
Prior to becoming a partner in APCISG in 2006, from 1997 to 2005, Mr. Diem was a stockholder and Chief Operating Officer in ExpressLink, Inc. where he lead the growth of a small regional company into the nation’s largest POS Auto Insurance Provider under the name of InsureExpress serving many of the top 100 dealership groups and automobile dealers across the country. Included in his position, he was responsible for Cartel Marketing, Inc., a large regional agency in California, that provided F&I products and training to dealerships throughout California. Prior to that, he was President and CEO of a leading manufacturer and distributor of automotive products where he grew the company to 250 employees and completed the successful turnaround and sale of the company in 1996. Mr. Diem has served on numerous Board of Directors for both private and non-profit organizations.

Kyle McEvoy

Mr. McEvoy was a co-founder of Automotive Consultant Products, Inc. and brings over 15 years of finance, accounting and technology management to the company. Prior to the founding of APC, Mr. McEvoy worked in a financial/technological capacity for an industry consolidator that used debt to finance the acquisition of several collection companies, including the tender offer purchase of two public companies. Mr. McEvoy was heavily involved in the corporate finance activities related to the acquisitions, as well as the consolidation of their related accounting systems. Mr. McEvoy also was employed by the accounting firm Ernst & Young.

Mr. McEvoy’s role with APC ISG has been primarily focused developing and managing the intricate technology, systems and processes that are the operational foundation for APC ISG’s business units. Mr. McEvoy earned a BS in Accounting from the University of Missouri and is a Certified Public Accountant.

Todd Johansen

Mr. Johansen became a partner in APC ISG in 2003 and brings with him over 25 years of banking and automotive experience. Mr. Johansen's role with APC ISG is to develop the internal sales and marketing efforts, in conjunction with our partner’s Marketing Teams. Duties include data analysis, response model development, creative development and internal sales management.

While working with some of the larger Fortune 100 companies he was responsible for cross marketing opportunities across product lines and affiliated companies. Multi-channel responsibilities include e-commerce, in-bound call center, mail, inserts, internet marketing and affiliate marketing. Past banking responsibilities include indirect auto loan sales and marketing, as well as remarketing and loss mitigation. Prior to working in banking Mr. Johansen was a Business Development Manager for Pat Ryan and Associates (now a subsidiary of The Warranty Group) where his responsibilities included training recruiting and profitability for partner dealership clients. Mr. Johansen earned a BA Degree in Business/Commerce from the Carleton University, a MS. Degree in Advanced Economic Research from North Texas State University and has done postgraduate work towards a PhD. in Econometrics at Southern Methodist University.
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